Sunday, September 20, 2015


The con is on. The religious have rigged the game. The lies they spread and the lies they tell are shared by unknowing or uncaring friends and family. Deceit and confusion have always been useful tools for the god botherers. 
The anti-choice, anti-abortion crowd is growing, and daily protests around local Planned Parenthood facilities are common in most, if not all, cities. Sometimes those protests becomes acts of violence as the christian arm of terror commits unspeakable acts. That does grab nation-wide attention, but only for a moment. When you live in a country where mass murders are commonplace, it is apparently easy to forget any atrocity in a few days. 
There is one way to take the anti-choice movement to the next level, and that is through politics. The current threat to shutdown the American government is based on funding women's health. The proponents of the shutdown are politicians that consistently break the basic founding statement asserting the need for the separation of church and state.
Carly Fiorina grabbed the baton and ran for it on Thursday at the conservative primary debate. Her impassioned comments on the evils of Planned Parenthood brought tears to my eyes; not tears of compassion, but tears for the loss of reality in American dialogue. Where are the Statesmen? Apparently long gone. Carly gave us the image of a living human kicking and moving on a sterile table while medical personnel talked about harvesting the supposed child's brains. All caught on video, a video that she dared her possible liberal opponents to watch.
Unfortunately for her, people did watch and concluded that what she was saying was nothing more than a fabrication of her imagination. But that doesn't matter, she relayed this fantasy to over 25 million Americans. How many can be reached with the truth? Not enough. 
In this country, the religious have the upper hand because they run for local office. They run to become school board members, small town council members, and attempt to move up. When they succeed, they govern using christian "principles." With religion entrenched in local and national politics, matters that should be personal decisions are now ruled by christian law. Who you love, how you propagate, how you enjoy life, are controlled by our puritan background. 
Is there a case that can be made by the anti-choice crowd that is backed up by reality? I can tell you with a good amount of certainty that they have no case. If they did, why rely on lies and myth to make your point? At local protests around the country they use images that are meant to horrify and confuse us. The hand holding a tear drop encasing a fetus is promoted constantly as a six week old fetus. Appearing human, fairly well formed; it's a child. This is used to create an impression in the public that this is a child and any abortion at this time is an abomination. Looking at the hands to estimate the size, the fetus would appear to be an inch or more in length. 
We can all understand how this photo and accompanying data could be disturbing to us all. Humans are compassionate about life, and to destroy a child would not be easily accepted. 
Apparently when life is nothing more than a testing ground for faith, then reality is lost. When life is shrouded in mystery and darkness, then all kinds of crazy gets loose.
This must be why christians must lie to get their way. That's why science must be ignored. At six weeks a fetus is the size of a lentil, of a pea, and it looks only vaguely human. This is why education is not a major concern of our christian leaders. Education means the lie would be spotted with ease. Education makes for informed decisions. Education destroys myth. 
Googling abortion and then looking at images tells the story. Photo after photo of small children hacked to pieces. Photos of perfect looking babies that they claim have been aborted, disregarding the reality that what they are showing is a stillborn life. 
If you're interested, this is what a 6 week old fetus looks like. We look more like cousin fish than human. Our evolutionary trail is clear, there is not any doubt. Creationists cannot look at this reality without feeling uncomfortable. 
The abortion rate has been dropping over the years. Education has helped. The problem is kept alive by religious abstinence only education. Abortions should not be controlled by a christian influenced government, but regulated by a secular government. Abortion is cause and effect based; theists cause the problem by working around education, like promoting non-public schools. Puritanical views on sex contribute to the lack of education, which is theist based. 
The religious prevent education, which creates a problem that they want us all to abhor. Can you wrap your head around this?
This is a staged problem. This is subject matter that is theist created to keep religion in public view. This is a subject that religion uses to keep themselves seen as important when it comes to matters of morality, which historically they have not been very keen on.
The solutions are clear but ignored. To stop abortion, stop conception. If their is a need for an abortion because a mother's life is in danger, because of rape, because of reasons that are not anyone's business, then that is a decision that is made between doctors and family. It's not my business, it's not some priest's decision, it is not the governments's decision. 
This is all about being trying to maintain relevance in an age where myth is disappearing. Good riddance. 

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