Wednesday, November 7, 2012


Over 55 million people voted for a lie. Simple as that. 
Though there were missteps by both campaigns, nothing compares to Romney straight out lies. At the end of the campaign, Romney's message in Ohio was that Chrysler owners Fiat were going to make Jeeps in China and American would lose jobs. Not only that, but the president had sold Chrysler to Fiat. Falsehoods encompass the entire statement.
Chrysler had been in negotiations with Fiat before the financial crisis. The president didn't own Chrysler, so could not possibly sell it, though he did help the deal go through. Jeeps being made in China was the best part of the story though. It is less expensive to make the auto in the country you will be selling it to. That's why we have foreign car factories in America, they don't want to pay for shipping and deal with the taxes either. The Jeep plants were already in China, they're being reopened now that Chrysler is once again making money.
There are many of these false statements. Mr. Romney based an entire campaign on half truths and outright lies. One of my favorites was his continual harangue about the President's apology tour. When it does to reality, Mr. Romney will have none of that thank you. He was unable to see diplomacy in action. Unable to understand that our relations with other countries needed to move forward. Mr. Romney apparently would fail in the world arena.
But again, over 55 million people voted for a liar.
Personal bias and racism had to play a part, you don't close your eyes to reality unless what is real offends you. This was not only a part of the national elections, but also state elections. Down to the most minuscule thought, lies were told. 
In Michigan, I had a few conversations over the last few days on politics. Trustworthy information would seem to be a necessity when making decisions at the poll. Those who make intelligent choices do so by finding non-partisan sources. Wouldn't seem to be much of a task, unless you are diseased with an ideology that no facts can cure. For a democracy to succeed, it takes the willing participation of citizens who are informed. If that statement is true, we are doomed to eternal bickering where there's no middle ground to be had.
On Sunday, while watching football at my favorite watering hole, I noticed some quiet conversations occurring. The gentlemen in question are conservatives that I usually get along with well. I've noticed that the closer it gets to voting time, the less welcome I am with the regulars. Instead of the "how's my favorite liberal" greetings, I'm getting the look. You know, I'm getting the feeling that I'm not welcome today.
I was sitting next to a few these gentlemen while watching the game. I got up to use the men's room, and when I got back they had moved away from my spot. A few stools down the bar where they're talking in confidence. Sorry, not happening. I walk the few steps down to hear what the story is. As I get near I hear one gentleman talking to another about how some people "show up" at work. Not workers, only there because they somehow feel they deserve the job and pay. I know what they're alluding to; one of Michigan's proposals on the proposal protecting union workers. A proposal that lost because of the misinformation, and now pay will decrease as contracts are broken. 
Conservatives for some reason hate well paid middle class workers with a passion. 
I push my way into the conversation by slightly agreeing with the premise that some people are not as productive as others. Trying to get them to carry the thought farther, but now that I'm there, they're not talking the bait.
That's okay, I have time.
Back to my seat. The second games are on, but my attention is now on discussions around me. After some everyday chatter, they are back to discussing politics. Now the proposal being discussed is one I'm very familiar with, and that's the clean energy proposal. They are talking about the horrible increase in utility costs for the homeowner, which I know is nonsense. In the proposal it states that utility bills cannot be increased anymore than one percent a year. Furthermore, the data I've read states the average consumer cost will be around 50 cents a month; possibly more, but will never reach a dollar a month increase. 
Back I go, I don't mind confrontation. I tell them their facts are wrong, they shake their heads in disbelief and argue the point. I tell them what the bill says, they state I'm wrong. I tell them how the clean air initiative has actually reduced utility costs in Illinois, they tell me my facts are wrong. I tell them about the 26,000 jobs created in Ohio and how they are estimating over 90,000 jobs being created in Michigan, they're not buying it. Minds closed so tight to facts and reasons that I'd need the jaws of life to open them up.
Starting to piss me off. Fools say foolish things, and I've had enough. I take out my trusty smart phone and bring up the data, toss in front of them on the bar and tell them to read it. They look at it out of the corner of their eyes, but none reach for the truth. Eyes open wide like I tossed a coiled rattler in their midst. The blinders are on tight, the bias is strangling any intelligence that they might have. I see fear in them when they glance at the phone. Evil thoughts reside online, dreaded facts that can't be ignored. 
Over 55 million voters are unable to comprehend truth.
The election has been decided, President Obama will have four more years to entrench healthcare for all, to continue fighting for equal rights, to hopefully address climate change with more clean air initiatives. Education, immigration reform, women's health; there's a lot to do.
Though the House remains in conservative hands, many ultra right tea party crazies are gone. Maybe the House will actually start working on the problems that face the country. This is a good thing. The future of the country is on the right track. The only problem is that half of our voters do not understand facts.
Think about it, over 55 million voted for a fantasy.

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