Sunday, September 23, 2012

Candidate Mitt Romney has been having a bad week. Tim Pawlenty, who had a short run in the conservative primary, has left Mitt's campaign to go work as a lobbyist. When your milk toast compatriots start running away, you know there's a problem.
Most of the flack that Romney is the deserved brunt of this week, revolves around the idea that 47% of the U.S. populations are freeloaders who will vote for Obama so they can keep their entitlements. That was the big story, though if you listened to the full video there were many more statements from the gentleman that deserved your scorn.
Romney decided to target immigrants with a few really wild statements. He sarcastically stated that "If you have no skill or experience you are welcome here." If you have a PH.D., he'd like to "Staple a green card on your forehead and welcome you to the country." I may be making those statements difficult to understand, but the gist is that the only immigrants we have are uneducated, unskilled and unwelcomed. He would like to be involved in a hostage situation so he could take advantage of the opportunity. He made false claims about the Federal Reserve buying up three quarters of the American debt and that if he's elected there will be easy dividend gains for the rich. Among other ridiculous claims, he also stated that he was as poor as a church mouse.
The gentleman hasn't a clue.
His seemingly nice wife Anne stated in his defense that "It is hard" to run for president. This statement was directed at conservatives who thought Mitt's 47% remark might damage his chances at being elected. Thanks for the clarification.
This week Romney's tax returns remained a hot topic. He dumped his 2011 return late on Friday, as most politicians do when they have news they'd like to bury. Interesting enough, he paid more than he needed to in 2011. I would think that was a deliberate overpayment to help bump his tax rate up; even though percentage wise it is still less than what the middle class pays.
Ryan helps out by speaking in front of a AARP convention, the boos were apparently music to his ears, why else would he wear that silly grin all the time?
The right is ramping up the crazy. Megyn Kelly, a Fox employee, compared the Obama campaign poster to an image of a blood streaked wall in Libya.
In Texas, a gentleman has lynched an empty chair adorned with an American flag in his front yard. I think it not hard to comprehend what the man has in mind.
Santorum made this incredibly awesome comment in front of a conservative group last Saturday, "We will never have the elite, smart people on our side." Finally a conservative who realizes the truth. Theists have no use for the hard to con group.
My favorite Romney weirdness this week was his appearance on Univision. Apparently Mitt darkened his face to appeal to hispanic voters. Weirdness defined.
This would appear to be a constant conservative error. They make statements that anyone who would wish to do so can fact check; yet they don't care. The lies and deceit flow from their mouths on the American public like Niagra Falls dumps water on sightseers. I can only ponder the incredulous reality that much of the American public either doesn't care, or is so easily duped, that a politician would not think twice about the lies spread. 
I wonder what the makeup would look like if he was addressing the NAACP? Could Mr. Romney then lay claim to becoming our second black president?
Too funny.
In Michigan, we have passed legislation that will require schools to have an American Flag and to give every student the opportunity to vocalize the Pledge to Allegiance. The bill doesn't require students to take part, but we all know what this is; a bill that will make sure that young women and men feel peer pressure from those whose parents have already warped their minds with theist insensibilities.
Texas Governor and ex-presidential hopeful Rick Perry has stated that the separation of Church and State is the work of Satan. The nonsense could be easily ignored except that he mentions "Christian Warriors," which is pretty creepy. He also states that those who preach tolerance and diversity are actually bullies. Ah, the twisting of reality into a parallel universe continues.
Texans appear to be leading the crazy train this week. High school cheerleaders, who were ordered to stop waving around bible verses at football games, are apparently going to sue for the right to infringe upon everyone else's rights. Nothing gets those athletes more fired up than Sodom and Gomorrah tales. A local judge is allowing the verses to be displayed for at least a couple of more weeks.
The drug wars are still failing. In Mexico, President Calderon's war on the drug cartels has killed 50,000 citizens since he's been in office. Please put down your fatty and come out with your hands up. Disgusting.
This is my favorite story of the week. Apparently a new text has been discovered that implies that Jesus was married. Take that all you catholic priests living lonely lives of celibacy, you could of had a wife instead of the boys choir section.
Though pedophilia is not amusing in any way, shape or form, it would be even more of a horror if the sheepherders had deliberately twisted a story that then allowed for the depravity. the long years of child molestation could have been prevented. I would think the Pope dude will say this is not real, how else can one protect the reign of nonsense.

If you haven't joined Michel's group, "Our Climate," you should.
The latest data are showing the summer ice cap is the smallest in recorded history. Scientists are thinking we may be running out of time. Keep yourself up to date on the data being collected; it is the only way to contradict the science deniers. We really can't let them have the last word. 
I watch daily as energy companies advertise the benefits of raping and destroying the planet. As a stopgap measure for rebuilding the economy, there may be a grain's worth of truth in the messaging. The lie is not exhorting the values of renewable energy and the jobs that industry would build with the same vigor.
We still hear almost nothing about the OWS movement. It would appear to be nonexistent if you follow the usual media news sources. Yet on the year one anniversary, there were almost 200 arrests made. The article I'm linking states 100 were arrested, others say 180. 
The question this raises is the following; if there was a movement that no longer exists, how is it possible to arrest non-existent protestors? The powers that be do not want you to hear or understand what is still going on.
If nothing else, remember that the movement coined the 99% phrase. If that were to be the movements only moment of shining glory, it is still a powerful one. It could possibly become a message that will resonate with the public for many years to come.
Libya is not happy with the militias in the country. Whether the latest uprising is secular or not, apparently the citizens have had enough of terror tactics. They are actually supporting the U.S. in protests occurring in the city of Benghazi. They want nothing to do with the militias and al Qaeda. 
If nothing else, these protests show that the Arab Spring still survives and that freedom is still a desired outcome for the people of the region. It appears that the common thread of reasoning by the people is that the country is theirs and not owned by anyone who would claim to rule.
A great message that the citizens of the U.S. could learn from.
Is Heaven anything more than a way to way of subduing the feeling of regrets that humans embrace when a loved one is lost? If you think about it, what a perfect comfort the thought would be if you had treated your elders badly. Don't feel bad, they're living it up in heaven and you can join them when it's your turn. All regrets need not be heeded. All your non-caring behavior is absolved. All meanness forgotten.
Modern theist thinking is that the western countries are so advanced that we have too much comfort on earth. No dealing with the weather, no dealing with a cruel life of working from sunup to sundown trying to survive. When life sucked, heaven was a place to look forward to. Literal comfort makes us believe that our heaven is now, that life is the best it's going to be right now, and these thoughts are horrendous to those who preach.
Amazing that they can make a good life a bad thing, but if you think about it, a comfortable life does suck for those promoting the game of worship. 
They do not rejoice in the advances man has made to secure that comfort, since it takes away from their dominion. They would rather believe said comforts cheat our minds from the thought that their is a better place for us in our future. 
And that thought would keep them in control.
Even if life is tough, heaven cheats us of the desire to make our lives better; why work for this life when you have one that somebody else built. Why reach for the sky when you can wait for death to take you there. 
Many seem to take comfort in the thought that there is a god and an afterlife, I think it part of human selfishness to absolve themselves of responsibility. It is not comfort, it is the coward's way out.

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