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Mitten has picked his running mate for the 2012 slug fest. Paul Ryan will be the man. Most Americans who follow politics at all know him, and to know the man is to dislike him. If you don't intend ever retiring, he's your man. If you couldn't care less about access to health care, again, he's your man. If you think the dwindling middle class is a good thing, he's ready rule over the peasants. 
So what does a Ryan in the White House offer you ask? Besides the couple of thoughts I've mentioned, there's a list of policies that affect everyone from students to seniors. If your poor, you'll stay there, if you're rich, subsidies and tax breaks will help you rape the planet. Michel has a post that explains it all. 
Instead I'll introduce, or reintroduce to some of you, the Green Candidate for president. She does not have a chance since we've learned from history that third party candidates, like Nader and Perot, take votes away from the major parties. You not only lose, but will allow the person you dislike the most have a chance to win if you vote for a third party.
The Green party's candidate for President is Jill Stein. Interesting lady. She attended Harvard, she is a physician and she has run for different offices as the Green Party candidate. Hasn't won, but for a third party candidate she has been able to pull in a fair amount of votes.
Being a third party candidate allows for her to take a stand on issues that the other parties ignore. While they're talking about tax returns and tossing supposedly clever witticisms at each other, she actually has a plan that would change America. She spent Wednesday night in jail after participating in an Occupy protest against Fannie Mae since she identifies herself with the 99%. Her economic plans for the U.S is called the Green New Deal. Putting people back to work on green jobs that improve the infrastructure. She would make drastic cuts to the military budget, she is pro-choice and anti-corporate personhood. She's been quoted as celebrating "the battle that has already come to our streets."
Interesting lady who will not get any mainstream media time. We like kings and queens, not thinkers and dreamers.
Pennsylvania's State House Majority Leader Mike Turzai has made it very clear that voter identification laws have nothing to do with voter fraud and everything to do with making sure Romney wins Pennsylvania. It is actually very refreshing to hear anyone in politics speak truth, even if it is a truth we despise. He stated at the same time that this has been the plan for years, adding that the pro-life and pro-gun legislation has been successful as well.
Thanks to Mr. Turzai we now know that what we thought was a planned attack on the the rights of the people was not a delusion, but in fact a scary reality.
The right wing attacks on America have no purpose but to create a theocracy. Never is it clearer than when it comes to the attacks on education.
Some incredible new attacks on education will undermine reality in the near future.
In Missouri, where 80% of the population is Christian, new legislation has passed the state legislature affecting public education in the state. Missouri's "Right to Pray" amendment allows brainwashed children to refuse evolution studies. Even though God's word is the "truth," apparently the truth can't protect itself from reality without help from the followers. The main gist of the legislation is putting protections in place for christians, who appear to be public targets in the mind of their leaders, even though as stated they are the vast majority of citizens that reside in the state.
Another way of blinding our youth to the incredible story of life's origins. When you read this weeks "Professor A's Science Fixand see the amazing work and thoughts on the evolution front, you can then shed a tear for the children of Missouri.
Should be considered abuse to lie to children.
In Louisiana a for profit run charter school's policy required teens suspected of being pregnant to take a pregnancy test. If they refused, or the test showed positive, they had to be home-schooled. The best part is the school claimed they didn't think it was any big deal. When the ACLU got involved, they changed their minds quickly. 
Interesting in this day that educators can claim ignorance of Title IX rights. In fact, I would think they do know and purposely decided to ignore.
Michigan's insidious tactics that, in my mind, will harm public education comes from a law that states schools must reveal which teachers make $100,000 or more. Claiming that it is the taxpayer's right to know, republicans are on the hunt. The real reason for this is to help charter schools. They do not have to reveal salaries, so this is a way of ramping up the fight against union public school teachers in the state. It's all about profit.
Ladies are still under the gun. In Kansas, Planned Parenthood is under attack for late term abortions. Roe vs Wade doesn't exist in conservative controlled states. A judge has dismissed many of the charges but there's plenty left. The christian desire to end abortions is not even subtle anymore, they are in our face about the subject. Apparently they feel this is their time to successfully gut that law.
To make matters even worse, the Associated Press, who's articles are published almost everywhere, came out with this gem on Doctor Tiller, who was assassinated for his work helping women. 
The article's subject is about the two gentlemen running for the District Attorney job. The current DA, Nola Foulston, is a democrat who will not be running for reelection. One republican, Marc Bennett, was the assistant DA when the state's Attorney General Phil Kline tried to prosecute Dr. Tiller for late term abortions. That was in the current DA's district who wouldn't allow the case to go to court. If you want, read the details of the charge. It is really convoluted, but basically they are blaming Nola Foulston for Dr. Tillers death since she didn't allow the prosecution. 
It was not Scott Roeder who killed Dr. Tiller, it was the democratic DA for not allowing Tiller to be prosecuted. Though both republicans who are running are anti-abortion, since Bennett worked for Foulston at the time, he is associated with her and will probably not win since, in some unfathomable manner, he helped cause the death of Doctor Tiller.
Fucking mind boggling nonsense. The AP is proving to be another weapon of the right.

I think that most of us remember the C Street fiasco from a couple of years back. Doug Coe, who is in charge of "The Fellowship," which is also called "The Family," is still slinging the same old shit. This is the group that found infamy recently by sheltering adultery and the members of congress who were accused of the act. They found even more recent fame by associating themselves with Uganda and the "Kill the Gays" bill that the country tried to pass. 
Keep in mind this is a group that admires Hitler.
The Family was founded by Abraham Vereide, a Norwegian immigrant. The familiar story of god giving someone a vision that counters morality is sickening. His vision was that god revealed where man had gone wrong; we were too preoccupied with the poor, the weak and the suffering. I'm thinking that means we should concentrate on the rich, the strong and the healthy?
That was exactly his purpose. Vereide decided to court the wealthy after watching unions try to help the down and out workers of the time. He was against helping those who were poor which made him anti-union. The wealthy liked that stance so he easily moved into the realms of the well-to-do. The photo of him posted is with President Eisenhower; the family has had a lot of input with our political leaders on both sides of the isle.
Doug Coe's and The Family's influence in Uganda is well known, but maybe these stats will help define what a murderous bitch he is.
Uganda was known for their work on stopping the spread of AIDS. They were actually reducing the number of infections by educating the public about the use of condoms and abstinence. The country was doing well, but with the influence of christian evangelical groups like The Family, AIDS is on the rise once again.
The religious anti-gay stance in Uganda has driven that community underground. By not wanting to admit to homosexuality because of the stigma there surrounding the act and also because of the laws of the country, people are dying.
Doug Coe and The Family are killers, killers that are conscience free of guilt because they are doing the job god told Veriede to do.

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