Saturday, May 12, 2012

The big news this week was made by President Obama. For the first time, an American President has fully endorsed gay marriage. Why is this statement, "It is important for me to go ahead and affirm that I think same-sex couples should be able to get married," so important? A couple of quick reasons for you. First, it will become part of the democratic party platform. Secondly it makes it easier for some leaders of the world to embrace the thought and pressures others into acceptance. There are many reasons this is important, civil rights for millions is one heck of a progressive accomplishment.
Christian conservative groups are circling the wagons. If there is one word that defines that group it would be "intolerance." Beside pastors getting ready to whine on Sunday, activists across the country intend to use this issue to help get out the vote for Romney. NOM believes this will be the issue that defeats President Obama.
Might have to give a little credit to the VP as well, when the, "blue collar," guy says it's okay, it helps.
Mitt Romney, who now appears to be nothing more than the local bully, burns that image into our minds as he dismisses gay marriage. He's got the one percent look, animal lovers he disgusts and now he would squash civil liberties. Doesn't appear to be a winning plan.
In Wisconsin the democratic challenger to Governor Walker has been chosen. Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett will face Governor Walker in a June election. The anti-Walker sentiment in the state could possibly give Barrett the win. 
The Tea Party cretins are at it again. Scot Boston, a Tea Party activist, (think bully), threatens Senator Claire McCaskill. At a recent rally he stated, “She walks around like she’s some sort of Rainbow Brite Care Bear or something but really she’s an evil monster.” Then, “We have to kill the Claire Bear.” That's good for some extra security.
I think most of us understand that the Tea Party is out of control. The bully arm of the conservative party has outlived its usefulness; if they ever really had any.
Take these statements
"Here is a gentle reminder and "review" of why we should do everything in our power to stifle the notion that mankind can do anything to control the forces of nature!!!! Give me a break!!! How arrogant is that? If in fact, there is global warming (which hasn't been warming for the past 10 years), it isn't due to our CO2 emissions. On the contrary, it is just a normal cycle of God's naturally occurring events."
The Tea Party is anti-science.
Then there's the protests in front of the Supreme Court while the health care mandate was being debated. Anyone that gives it a moment's thought realizes that all humans will need health care at one time in their life or another.
The Tea Party is anti-humanity.
The party's connection with religion can not be doubted. The strongest predictor that a person would be a member of the Tea Party is directly related to his religiosity. 
The Tea Party promotes delusion.
The group works against so called, "moderate," republicans. It is not good enough to be conservative, you have to be so far to the right that you never consider the oppositions views. 
The Tea Party has no wish to negotiate and that effects us every day.
If you think god controls everything, and you have the backing, you can also introduce bills in state legislatures that destroy the green movement. In AZ, (Always AZ), a tea party backed bill guts sustainable energy programs and advances.
The Tea Party is anti-earth.
There is not enough space or time to highlight all the nonsense that comes from this bought and paid for movement. From the, "Protect Our Borders," and, "If you can't stand behind our troops feel free to stand in front," bumper stickers, to their arrogant views on social issues, there's only one thing that can be said.
Mamas, don't let your babies grow up to be tea party losers.

Governing Gays
First off, in a secular country, there should be no difference between governing gays and governing citizens; yet there is. Apparently we have decided to depend on a rule of law that separates the populace into groups; is this not the crux of the problem?
In the dark ages state of North Carolina, they voted on defending marriage from the gay onslaught. The happy voters were driven to the polls in magic pumpkin carriages down torchlit muddy streets to make their mark on one of the great stone tablets in place. They were highly disappointed when god did not make an appearance.
In Richmond, Virginia, you can't be openly gay and be a judge. Tracy Thorne-Begland was tossed out of the navy twenty years ago. He has been nominated to serve as a judge for the city's 13th General District Court. The fine, morally challenged, Family Foundation of Virginia, is having none of this. 
In the fine state of Missouri, a school board member by the name of Hardy Billington makes the false claim that gay people, whatever the gender, lose up to 30 years of lifespan. Being gay is worse than smoking, and being a retard is noble.
The Catholic League is suggesting that maybe Obama's, "evolving," views on marriage will next include polygamy. There's a definite lack of reality by every religion on this subject.
Wicked Women
Oh you ladies. Sitting around all smug and stuff thinking you've joined hands with the other gender in deciding your fate. Not yet.
In the state of Missouri, that I mistakenly called, "fine," earlier, women will no longer be trained to fill government positions. Funding will end for the nonpartisan Sue Shear Institute for Women in Public Life at the University of Missouri-St. Louis. Republicans say it, "churns out liberal female democrats," and we aren't standing for it!
You're not paranoid, the christian right and conservatives are out to get you. 
Preacher Jesse Lee Peterson spent 10 minutes in a March sermon on how women have destroyed America. Says allowing women to vote was, "one of the greatest mistakes that America made." 
I'm not thinking he's on your side.
Conservatives love you and know what is best for you. 
More than half of all reproductive age females now live in states hostile to abortion rights. Life is good only if you're not living in one of these conservative havens.
I missed this story about Melissa Gates. Apparently she is setting herself up to be the newest target of he religious right. Contraceptives and family planning is her newest endeavor. A worthy act and a worthy read. Contraceptive improvements and availability are at a standstill worldwide, she intends to reverse that trend.
Hallowed Hate
In Florida, a White Supremacist leader and his followers were arrested. Militias; in the constitution and as part of the conservative mindset, is bringing hate to a town near you. They are not using the term I'm using, "militia," because of it's honored status. But if you're training members in military operations, you're a damn militia.
Some are thinking that, "stand your ground," laws are for whites only. I tend to agree.
The hate group, "One Million Moms,' is after J.C. Penny again. After the boycott stopped over the hiring of Ellen DeGeneres as a spokesperson, the boycott is in full swing again because of a photo in their magazine showing a happy same sex couple with their children. Not sure why the group feels they must force their insanity on the rest of us, but go ahead and make some noise; because that's all it is, noise.
Fun study from last month; The more Walmarts in the area the more hate groups there are. 
Religious hate groups are the worst. They hate everyone. Louden County Virginia, the richest county in the country, is the host to a newly designated hate group, "Public Advocate of the United States." The groups leader is republican County Supervisor Eugene Delgaudio. The mission? Prayer in schools, anti-abortion, boy scouts and opposing gay marriage. 
Sounds like your average southern conservative to me. 
Final Fixation
Is this really that incomprehensible? If you think conservatives are too lazy to understand you would be wrong. They understand the theory and they understand how it will effect big business. They have chosen, money over life.

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