Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The GOP is the Greatest Threat to Humanity.

I read an article recently that stated a similar thought about the Republican Party except for one exception. They used the word “may.” That term has been gnawing at my thoughts since I read the article. Why do liberals, when stating a fact, hide their real thoughts? There is no “may” in this thought. Here we are, getting closer and closer to a very important election, and many liberal columnists are still beating around the bush.

Strong language is called for when exposing the conservative party for what it really is, a bane on American society and the world at large.

Issues need to be framed in reality. When you hear about conservative elected officials going after abortion, do not think this is about a pro-life position; it is about imposing the Christian version of Sharia law in this country. They would like nothing better than to perch the Ten Commandments in every fucking federal building in the country. This is a theocracy in the making; have to keep all the sheep happy and content. Control is the desire. Don’t worry about eating dirt for dinner, in the afterlife you’ll be changing baby Jesus’ diapers. Ah, the glory of god is all you need worry about, your suffering here is only a grain of sand on the beach of forever.

When you hear the term, “job creators,” don’t you notice the term? Doesn’t anyone flinch at the term creator? What a sly way of influencing the idiots that have figured out how to vote, but not what they’re voting for. Priests are illegally influencing their flocks to vote for the anointed ones, protecting their thievery from prying eyes. And in reality, the conservative movement is only a way of preserving power. It is not a democratic force; it is a force for greed. The poor and middle class pay for the rich to live lives of biblical immorality, yet somehow that remains noble to the theist mentality.

A good theocracy needs bad science as well. If god is in control, he will repair the world’s ills with a wave of his bigoted hand. No regulation needed no worries about the environment, no cares about the extinction of a planet. Waste every resource, pollute the planet, god will take care of it. The use of god in elections by conservatives is meant to instill a thought that anti-life actions, like making the earth uninhabitable by destroying its resources, are okay. The problem, if there is a problem, will be rectified by god when the time comes.

Bad science is easily propagated. Climate change is not science, it’s a liberal conspiracy. Evolution is a fallacy; we know god did all the work. By negating reality, we keep the delusion alive. Though happily there are scientists trying to spread the good word, the anti-science trend will not stop until you and I start talking about it. Talk to everyone you know. Laugh at the stupidity of those who promote irrational thoughts. Plant a fucking seed in the minds of the believers.

As the 2012 elections near, I’m sure I will be boring everyone on this site, and aggravating every damn lazy thinker I encounter. Every conservative or anti-science pinhead you meet should be a debate. A debate where no prisoners are taken. For those who think that calmness is the only way to succeed, how do you explain conservative success? Get over your niceness and become a fighter.

A recent survey asked what celebrity you would most like as a neighbor. Did you think they'd pick Dennet, Dawkins or any other thinker? Not. The number one answer is theist Tim Tebow. Think hard about that.

They want god.

They will want god until it is shown that not having god is in their own best interest.

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